Air Conditioning

Along with rising gas prices, electrical energy costs have been on the rise as well. One very large electrical consumer in the average household is an old air conditioning unit. Bryant-187B-186B-180B

With well branded products such as Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, we at Bauernfeind Goedtel have the capability of reducing that energy cost and being able to supply your household with the most comfort available on the market today.

Bryant Brand Products use an environmentally safe refrigerant known as Puron, and have the capability to get up to a 21 SEER energy efficiency rating.

Bauernfeind Goedtel also has many products to help with problem areas or to cool homes with hot water heat. A good example of this product would be a Mitsubishi Mini split System. Contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate to see how your could save money in the future.

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